Support our Spring Mission Trip to Fort Myers, Florida!

Please Adopt-a-Missionary
“Adopt” members of our mission team by donating to help offset members’ out-of-pocket costs. A donation of $100 gets you daily updates from the team, and an invitation to a post-mission trip event.

See the out-of-pocket cost estimates below.

Cost for those driving
Travel            $100
Food              $450
Lodging         $120
Insurance     $  11.75
Total              $681.75

Cost for those flying
paid on your own
$  90
$  10.25
$415.25 + travel cost

For local participants
$50 (lunches) or BYO
$  8.75

Incidentals   (snacks, beverages on the road)
Optional Respite Activity   (amount depends on what the group decides to do)

If you can’t make the trip, this is a great way to provide support by helping those who are volunteering to serve! Learn more about the trip