Advent / Christmas Worship Schedule

Advent / Christmas Worship Schedule

From Generation to Generation

Focusing on the Christmas story through the human interactions and events recorded in the Gospels, as well as the cosmic prophecies in Isaiah, “From Generation to Generation” reminds us of the ways our lives, histories, actions, and stories are interconnected and woven together. The work of God is always unfolding — in and through us. This Advent season, how will we carry it forth?

November 27 – Advent 1 | “There’s Room for Every Story”
Matthew 1:1-17, Isaiah 2:1-5
8:30 & 10 Traditional & 11 Contemporary
Beginning with Matthew’s genealogy, each name holds a story and their story gives way to Christ’s story.

December 4 – Advent 2 | “God Meets Us in Our Fear”
Luke 1:26-38, Isaiah 11:1-10
8:30 & 10 Traditional & 11 Contemporary
When the angel Gabriel comes to Mary, she is perplexed and confused – and no doubt, afraid. And yet, the angel’s news is: “Do not be afraid.” We hear this refrain throughout the Christmas story and remember it is the most common phrase in the bible. From generation to generation, God shows up in the midst of our fear and uncertainty and confusion.

December 11 – Advent 3 | “We Can Choose a Better Way”
Matthew 1:18-25, Isaiah 35:1-10
8:30 & 10 Traditional & 11 Contemporary
As far as Joseph knows, his new wife has been unfaithful to him and broken their marriage contract. And yet, instead of punishment, he chooses not to publicly disgrace or humiliate her. This interruption in his life becomes a holy invitation when the angel comes to him in a dream and says “do not be afraid.” When he awakes, Joseph has the courage to choose a better way. He chooses to stay with Mary, to become an adoptive parent. He chooses peace over violence, grace over condemnation.

December 14 – Blue Christmas | A service of Hope and Comfort
7pm in the Sanctuary
Blue Christmas is an uplifting service to help anyone who is struggling through a difficult time – offering them hope and the assurance that they never have to walk alone. All are welcome. Please invite a friend and join us for light refreshments and hot chocolate following the service.

December 18 – Advent 4 | “We See God in Each Other”
Luke 1:39-45; 56-68; Luke 1:46-55
8:30 & 10 Traditional & 11 Contemporary
After receiving the news from the angel, Mary retreats to her cousin Elizabeth’s house. When Mary arrives, Elizabeth doesn’t just welcome her … she is filled with the Holy Spirit and speaks a blessing upon Mary as her own child leaps and kicks within her womb. She sees how God is at work and names it out loud. In this moment of profound solidarity, Mary and Elizabeth see the divine in one another. From generation to generation, we can see how God is at work in our relationships. The way we see the divine in each other impacts how we live and move in the world. When we view every human being as a child of God, we generate a different world.

December 24 – Christmas Eve | “We Tell This Story”
Luke 2:1-20
4pm Family*
7pm Contemporary*
9pm Traditional
11pm Traditional

*Nursery at 4pm & 7pm only
We tell this story every year. We tell this story because it illustrates so clearly God’s desire to be in relationship with us. We tell this story because we, too, are invited to come to the manger and witness the miracle of birth. We tell this story because it brings us hope and good news – hope especially for those deemed powerless, unworthy, or unwelcome. We tell this story to pass along this good news and to continue to thread the generations together with hope.

December 25 – Christmas Day | Lessons and Carols (in person)
10am in the Sanctuary

January 1 – Christmastide w/ Communion | “God Dwells With Us”
John 1:1-14, Luke 2:15-21
10am in the Sanctuary
“And the Word became flesh and lived among us…” John 1:14a. Unlike the other gospels, John’s gospel offers us a cosmic glimpse of Christ’s birth. On this Christmas Sunday, we celebrate the many ways God dwells with us from generation to generation, since the beginning of time. Like Mary pondering the angels message in her heart, we invite you to dwell in your worship, perhaps embracing stillness, contemplative practices, creativity, and prayer.

January 8 – Epiphany | “We Keep Seeking”
Matthew 2:1-12, 13-23
8:30 & 10 Traditional & 11 Contemporary
The Magi were seekers. They sought wisdom, they sought the divine, they sought fortunes to tell the future. Their seeking led them to Jesus, the newborn king of another culture and religion. Like the Magi, may we seek the divine and be willing to journey closer to God. This new year and every year to come, let us keep seeking wisdom, justice, and a better world.