Bone Marrow – Blood Drives

Bone Marrow – Blood Drives

Bone Marrow / Blood Drive

Sunday morning:
July 31 • 8am-1pm
Community Life Center Café
If you gave on June 5 are eligible to give on July 31

Ingomar Church Blood Drive
Honoring Amelia Torgersen

Amelia was born with Alagille Syndrome, and received blood transfusions while waiting for a life-saving liver transplant. She is asking you to donate blood so that other kids like her can also get the help they need.

Donors Receive $5 gift card as a thank you!

There continues to be a critical blood shortage of all blood types, especially type O. From accidents to routine procedures and from cancer treatments to surgeries, many vulnerable patients don’t get to take a vacation this summer – but many of our blood donors are out of their normal routines, making this an especially difficult time to keep blood on the shelves. Please schedule an appointment to help these patients who depend on blood transfusions. As a thank you for their generosity they will receive a special gift.
Everyone wins and 3 win big! To thank donors who help end the blood shortage by giving blood, Vitalant will send all blood, Power Red, platelet and plasma donors who donate July 31, a $5 prepaid gift card. Donors will also be entered to win 1 of three $3,000 prepaid gift cards.

To make an appointment:
Visit and click the login button. On the new window, choose Donor Login (previous donor) or New Donor (haven’t donated with Vitalant before), and search with group code G0110066
Call Vitalant at 412–209–7000 or call Cindy Funk at 412–477–2957. Appointments are recommended.

Bone Marrow Donor Registration
Sunday, July 31
8am to 1pm
Community Life Center Café

Thousands of patients are searching for their life-saving marrow donor.
Are YOU their HERO?

A simple cheek swab can determine whether you are a close bone marrow match for a patient. Registration is painless and takes less than 10 minutes. It’s fast, easy, and can be life-saving!

Jackson “Jax” Ramirez is a six-year-old who has a serious genetic disorder called IPEX syndrome. IPEX is a super auto immune bug, targeting different systems and different organs. Without a bone marrow transplant, children with this disorder are unable to grow and thrive.

Ethnic background is an important factor for matching donors and patients.
Matches most often occur when donor and patient are of the same ethnic background, because genetic type is inherited. In Jax’s case, Hispanic or Latino donors are most likely to be a match. If you have a willing friend who might be a match, invite them to participate in this drive.

If you are between the ages of 18-40, patients like Jax need you.
You could be someone’s cure.