Chancel Floor Project

Chancel Floor Project

Because the wood floor of our chancel (the area at the front of our traditional worship space) is worn and in need of refinishing, we are excited to begin renovating it!

The project includes repairing and refinishing the existing hardwood floors, and replacing the plywood extensions of the platform with a permanent hardwood extension.

During the project, a temporary enclosure will surround the chancel to contain the dust and debris created when sanding the floors. This will help to protect the organ pipes and the rest of the sanctuary. Although things will look different for a few weeks, we are eager to see the floor looking like new!

During the renovation, we will creatively utilize the available space — so our traditional services will take place as scheduled. Please extend grace as we make the necessary adjustments during this time so the work can be completed.

Project completion is expected to take about a month, so we look forward to revealing the updated chancel floor in February!