Ingomar YOUTH

Ingomar YOUTH

Youth Ministry for Grades 6-12

We believe that life is better with Jesus at the center. We exist to help students grow in a relationship with Christ through growth, service, and leadership development.

Youth Ministry can be a life preserver as your student enters Junior and Senior High. We meet as a group on a weekly basis to offer community, support, and mentorship to our students. We believe that Youth Ministry can change a students’ life, and we encourage you or your student to join us each week as we learn how to put our faith into action. God designed us to yearn for healthy communities, and that is what we provide for students: a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment where students can explore their faith without judgment.

We offer opportunities for students to come and grow through youth groups, small groups [link to youth/small groups], and mission opportunities [link to youth/mission].

ROOT / Grades 6-8

ROOT is our middle school ministry where youth in grades 6-8 can come, play games, and grow in their faith through biblical messaging and small groups split by grade and gender. Our goal is for students to be rooted in their faith and build a foundation of faith and trust in Jesus Christ before they transition into high school.

Meets Every Sunday 5:00pm-6:30pm in the Youth Room (Main Floor)
10 minute hang out time, 30 minute game, 10 minute announcements, 10 minute lesson, 30 minute small group time.

FISH / Grades 9-12

FISH is our high school ministry where youth in grades 9-12 can come, connect, and grow in their faith through biblical messaging and small groups. Our goal is for students to develop a heart for service and leadership within the church and local communities before they transition out of high school.

Meets Every Sunday 6:30pm-8:30pm in the Youth Room (Main Floor)
15 minute hang out, 30 minute game, 10 minute announcements 30 minute lesson, 40 minute small group time.

Small Groups for Youth

Sunday Small Groups An opportunity for students to come, connect with each other, and deepen their faith in a safe community through Biblical teaching. Grade 8 Confirmation Small Group (September-May) Confirmation is a year-long discipleship journey for students entering eighth grade to deepen and strengthen their faith. Parents of confirmands will participate in a parent class focused on helping parents win during the teenage years. Throughout the year, students and parents do mission projects together, worship together, and learn together.…

Youth Mission

Bethany House Tutoring 3:15pm-6:15pm (every Wednesday October-May)For students in 9th-12th Grade.Each week we have students attend Bethany House Academy where they serve dinner and help children with their homework. Bethany House is located in Northview Heights. All are welcome and students are encouraged to meet in the parking lot behind the sanctuary. Cars leave at 3:15pm every Wednesday. Philippi Mission Trip For students completing 9th-12th grade and adultsJune 16-22, 2019Our Philippi Mission Trip is our Senior High Youth Mission Trip…