Cross Sections DEVOTIONS

Cross Sections DEVOTIONS

Cross Sections
A Spiritual Lenten Journey

by the Western PA Conference of the United Methodist Church

Each Wednesday throughout Lent, and every day during Holy Week, a brief “Cross Sections” video will premiere at 8am on the WPAUMC Conference Website ( Each video will feature a different facilitator.

You are encouraged to make it a personal discipline to watch each video as it premieres, recognizing that you will be joining many others throughout the Conference who are watching and praying at the same time.

Following its premiere, each video will be available for use on the Conference website.

The brief videos are easy to use in your Lenten studies, worship experiences, and prayer services (whether they are in-person or virtual gatherings)

There will also be a link to the printed version of each “Cross Section” on the Conference website.

Join Pastor Cyndi for this Devotion via Zoom

Pastor Cyndi is participating in “Cross Sections” as a personal devotion, and she invites you to join her for a 30-minute group devotion. Each week includes the short “Cross Sections” video, scripture, some questions for brief discussion, and a closing prayer … a great way to start our days together!

You may do this devotional alone, or if you prefer some accountability, please join Pastor Cyndi. No registration or commitment is required. You can request the zoom link by checking your Connect Card in worship or by contacting Pastor Cyndi directly at [email protected].