My name is Alex Vogt, I am 16 and a member of troop 171. I have been in Scouts since I was in kindergarten and I have always wanted to become an Eagle Scout. I have been involved in youth group (at Ingomar Church) since 6th grade and Sunday school for as long as I can remember. I often work at the sound board for the traditional 11am service.

For my project, I will be making improvements to the Outdoor Chapel at Ingomar Church. I will be removing the tops of all the benches and replacing them with new boards, raising the retaining wall and leveling the ground the first row of benches, and cleaning the steps which will make them safer. I plan to do my project over the course of a couple of work days in April and May. I will ask my troop and people from the church who are willing to help.

I proposed this project because it needed to be done and I was willing to do it. It is important to me because this will make the chapel safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Thank you to all who have donated, helping me to raise the funds for the project!