As you fill out your estimate of giving for 2019, consider the benefits of our electronic giving options.

2019 Estimate of Giving

Giving electronically is easy using the IConnect web browser function. You can create a one-time gift or a recurring gift. Funds can be sent from checking/saving accounts or from a debit/credit card.

You can also choose from two additional electronic giving options if you prefer giving from a smart phone using an App or by sending a text gift. Text gifts can only be charged to debit/credit cards, but by using the “Give+” phone app, you can use debit/credit cards or a bank account.

Give+ Phone App

The Give+ Vanco App can be downloaded from the Android Play Store or the Apple store. Once downloaded, you can select Ingomar Church and create an account by entering your email address, a password, and a payment method (checking/savings account or debit/credit card). You will need to retrieve an email notice from Vanco to complete your account set up. You can also choose to logon in the future by entering a PIN, fingerprint recognition, or your password. To avoid having to re-enter your payment method in the future, be sure to create and save your account before making a donation.

Text Giving

For text giving, you do not need to download an App. Simply text an amount (preceded by a dollar sign) to 412-504-7798 followed by a code to designate where you want the funds directed. For example $100 op18.

Some of the current valid codes are:

  1. op18 – Operating Income for 2018
  2. mort – Mortgage Principal reduction
  3. missions – General undesignated missions outreach
  4. hair – Hair Peace Charities

The first time you text a gift to 412-504-7798 you will be directed to a registration screen where you will put in your contact information and debit/credit card information (Note: you will not be able to use checking or savings accounts to give via text). You can set up text gifts as one-time or recurring.

Other texting keywords – You can also text the following keywords to 412-504-7798

  • Edit or #Edit – if you want to edit your contact information, payment method or email
  • Halt or #Halt – to PERMANENTLY disable text giving from your phone
  • Funds or #Funds – to get a list of all available funds