Lead Pastor

Greg Cox

As Lead Pastor of Ingomar Church, Pastor Greg provides vision, teaching, and leadership oversight of areas including Childcare/Preschool (Ingomar Child Enrichment Center), NextGen Ministry, Generosity and Administration, and Worship. He and Pastor Cyndi work together to accomplish the mission and achieve the vision of Ingomar Church. One thing he wants you to know about Jesus: “The Call of Jesus in our lives is demanding and yet rewarding. Our lives will never be the same.” My life verse is Hebrews 12:1-2 –…
Associate Pastor

Cyndi Bloise

As Associate Pastor of Ingomar Church, Pastor Cyndi provides vision, teaching, and leadership, overseeing Missions, Small Group Ministries, Welcome Ministries, Wellness, Communications, and Servant Ministry. Along with Pastor Greg, she works to accomplish the mission and vision of Ingomar Church. What she wants you to know about Jesus: I want people to know that Jesus always has his arms open to you. There is literally NOTHING you can do to make him turn his back on you! Favorite Scripture: My…
Church Accountant

Joyce Barksdale

Joyce is the Church Accountant. She assists the Director of Generosity and Administration in administering the accounting, financial reporting and contribution recording. Why did you choose to work at Ingomar Church?I was volunteering on the Monday counting committee. There was a new position being created and I was approached by the Director of Administration at that time to consider interviewing for the position. It was a good time in my life since my 4 children were a little older. What…
Traditional Worship and Music Leader

Ben Bugaile

Ben is our Traditional Worship and Music Leader. He develops and leads traditional worship services that engage the congregation and glorify God. He also oversees musical ensembles in support of traditional worship, enlists and leads volunteers to use their God-given talents to support the traditional worship experience through music, reading or other leadership roles. Why did you choose to work at Ingomar Church?Pittsburgh has always been home, and Ingomar seemed like an exciting place to be. What other jobs did…
Communications/Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Byrnes

Elizabeth is our Communications and Marketing Manager. She plans and develops electronic and print media to inform people about all that happens at Ingomar Church, maintaining quality of appearance (design) and supporting the mission, practices and core focus areas through content (crafting of messages). Why did you choose to work at Ingomar Church?I fully believe that God nudged me right into this job. I quit my corporate job when I had my first baby.  My biggest dream was to be…
Facilities Director

Mike Geyer

Mike is our Facilities Director. He plans, manages, directs and oversees the maintenance, development, and upgrade of all building and grounds systems and services. He contributes to the success of the church’s mission by ensuring that buildings and grounds provide a safe and welcoming environment. Why did you choose to work at Ingomar Church?I had to change my career and working for a church had always been something I thought about. What other jobs did you have before coming to…
Director of Generosity and Administration

Matt Moudry

Matt is our Director of Generosity and Administration. He coordinates the church’s generosity team and stewardship initiatives, as well as contribution recording and reporting. He directs and administers the human resources, financial, IT and facilities areas. Why did you choose to work at Ingomar Church?I am a lifelong member of Ingomar.  This church has always played an important role in my life.  When the opportunity presented itself several years ago to join the staff as the Data Administrator, it was…
Contemporary Worship Leader
Meghan Mountain

Meghan Mountain

Meghan is our Contemporary Worship Leader. She plans and leads the Contemporary service at 11am on Sunday mornings and provides leadership in the areas of Worship Planning, AV & Tech Advancement, and support in Youth & Kids Worship. Why did you choose to work at Ingomar Church?I have been a member of IUMC since my parents joined when I was a kid. I was confirmed here; went to Philippi for four years here; was married here; and my three kiddos were…
Children’s Ministry Director

Rachel Ord

Rachel is our Children’s Ministry Director. She creates programming and coordinates volunteers to help children from birth through grade 5 to learn about Christ and strengthen their relationship with Him.  She also provides resources for families and the parents of this age group to bring Christ into the center of their lives. Why did you choose to work at Ingomar Church?I chose to work at Ingomar Church because God called me here. I grew up in this church and it…
Multimedia Technician & Videographer

Josh Poindexter

Josh is our Multimedia Technician & Videographer. He oversees the audio/visual needs of worship and other events, including sound, lighting, projection and live stream. He’s responsible for developing and implementing media required for all worship events and oversees the recording, editing, and development of video presentations. Why did you choose to work at Ingomar Church?I love working in the church and want to use my skills to help build God’s kingdom. What other jobs did you have before coming here?In…
Director of Next Gen Ministries

Zachary (Zaq) Phillips

Zaq is the Director of Next Gen Ministries. He directs the Youth Ministry of our church, ensuring alignment and focus of ministry for children and youth. He works closely with our Director of Children’s Ministries. Why did you choose to work at Ingomar Church?I chose to work at Ingomar Church because of our strong history of Next Gen Ministry, our excellent staff, and commitment to serve our neighbors. What other jobs did you have before coming here?I served as Youth…
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