Greg Cox

Pastor Greg provides vision, teaching, and leadership oversight of areas including Childcare/Preschool (Ingomar Child Enrichment Center), Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Generosity and Administration, Serving and Communications. He and Pastor David work together to accomplish the mission and achieve the vision of Ingomar Church. One thing he wants you to know about Jesus: “The Call of Jesus in our lives is demanding and yet rewarding. Our lives will never be the same.” My life verse is Hebrews 12:1-2 – Therefore, since…

Dennis Henley

Pastor Dennis provides teaching, pastoral care to those who are sick, grieving or in crisis; performs baptisms; presides over funerals; and performs weddings. He works to support the mission and vision of Ingomar Church. One thing he wants you to know about Jesus: “Salvation through Christ is there for EVERYONE, but you need to accept the gift.” My life verse is 2 Timothy 2:15 – “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who has…

David Streets

Pastor David provides vision casting, teaching, and leadership oversight in areas including Worship & Ministry, Worship Media, Worship Music, Small Group Leadership, and Wellness Ministry. He and Pastor Greg work together to accomplish the mission and achieve the vision of Ingomar Church. One thing he wants you to know about Jesus: “How much He loves you.” My life verse is John 10:10 – I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Call into Ministry…
Worship Technician and Videographer

Noah Brown

Oversees the audio/visual needs of worship and other events, including sound, lighting, and media; develops and implements all forms of media required for all worship events at Ingomar Church and oversees the recording, editing, and development of video presentations.
Traditional Worship and Music Leader

Ben Bugaile

Develops and leads traditional worship services that engage the congregation and glorify God; oversees musical ensembles in support of traditional worship; enlists and leads volunteers to use their God-given talents to support the traditional worship experience through music, reading or other leadership roles.
Director of Generosity and Administration

Chub Dietz

Coordinates the church’s generosity team and stewardship initiatives, as well as contribution recording and reporting. Directs and administers the human resources, financial, IT and facilities areas.
Youth Director

Megan DelGrosso

Creates a safe, nurturing environment where students in grades six through 12 can explore their faith without judgment, and walks alongside students to help them strengthen their faith and put it into action; provides resources for families and parents of this age group to bring Christ into the center of their family.
Facilities Director

Mike Geyer

Plans, manages, directs and oversees the maintenance, development, and upgrade of all building and grounds systems and services. Mike contributes to the success of the church’s mission by ensuring that buildings and grounds provide a safe and welcoming environment.
Communications/Marketing Manager

Mark Gulden

Plans and develops electronic and print media to inform people about all that happens at Ingomar Church, maintaining quality of appearance (design) and supporting the mission, practices and core focus areas through content (crafting of messages).
Director, Ingomar Child Enrichment Center

Robin Macon

Supervises, trains and supports staff to care for and teach children aged six weeks to six years of age; to meet children’s physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs within a safe and enriching environment. Ministers to families in our community by loving and caring for their children.
Office Manager

Sarah Martin

Coordinates office operations and manages a team of volunteers using current technology and stewarding church resources to provide excellent support for the pastors as well as communications, facilities, ministry and administrative areas.
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