H.E.R.O. (Helping to Educate Regarding Orientation)

This new group is meeting to provide support for parents, friends and allies of people identifying as LGBTQIA.

The first meeting of our HERO group, Helping to Educate Regarding Orientation, was held on Wednesday, September 16 in the Grove. What was expected to be a small group quickly became a large group.

Working together with our Steering Committee, we are creating a safe space for dialogue where people can be heard, be respected, and be affirmed as people of sacred worth.

We are defining a Covenant of Participation in which guidelines and boundaries for loving and respectful dialogue are established.

We are praying that we approach all conversations with open hearts in which God will give us the mind of Christ. We want to be certain that we have the right personnel and specialists to direct, facilitate and educate us.

Drawing on our United Methodist heritage, we will approach our education and conversations using the “Wesleyan quadrilateral”: applying scripture, tradition, reason and experience in our discussions.

The Steering Committee is working to determine a good day and time for future meetings.