What would you do if you had to evacuate the Worship and Education Center? Where would you go? How would you find the rest of your family? Many of you may be familiar with evacuation plans from your time at school or at your workplace.   While we are not planning to have any fire drills at church, it is important for your safety and safety of others to follow a plan.

The Trustees recently developed an evacuation plan for the Worship and Education Center. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the evacuation routes posted throughout the buildings. You may want to pay particular attention to the “Evacuation Assembly Points” designated for each area, in case you need to meet up with family or friends. The following Evacuation Assembly Points were established (1) Lower Parking Lot, (2) Grassy Area near Flags in front of Sanctuary, (3) The Grove, (4) At the Sign for the Outdoor Chapel, and (5) Large tree at the corner of the parking lot.