Join us for our January Message Series: Centered

At Ingomar Church, we believe that life is better with Jesus at the center. But what does it mean to put Jesus at the center of our lives? What does a Christ-centered life look like? Come and explore practical applications to help put Jesus at the center of all areas of your life – Family Life, Work/School, Finances, Marriage, Relationships, Leisure Time, Community, Schedule, Decisions, Thought Life, and more.

The four-part series covers:

Source: A Christ-centered life begins with realizing that the source of everything we are is the Lord. He created us, He owns us, He gifted us with talents, he authors our story, and every blessing we receive comes from Him. In Him we have everything we need for godly living.

Motive: A Christ-centered life means that Jesus is the motivation for everything we think, say and do. A Christ-centered life is deeply intimate and motivated by relationship. Is your Christianity intimate and personal? Do you want to know Christ? Do you want to be part of his work? Do you want to please him?

Goal: A Christ-centered life has one ultimate goal: that Jesus gets the glory. It’s not wrong to pursue personal goals, but the glory of Christ is the orienting compass that gives direction to all others.

Hope: We know that this life is not all there is, and that an eternity is coming. A Christ-centered life is more than just a ticket out of hell. We have hope in the here and now, because Christ has promised his presence and grace until we go home.