Launching a Legacy

Launching a Legacy

Launching a Legacy: Generation to Generation Capital Campaign is a significant step to fulfill our mission by ensuring that our buildings remain welcoming, safe, and effective places for our mission and ministries … from this generation to future generations.

The strength of the campaign lies in its care for our financial future through debt reduction, providing for current and future repairs, and establishing a capital needs endowment. These three elements will ensure a sustainable financial future, enabling us to focus on the ministries we provide for our community and the world.

please give in response to God’s guidance by completing your commitment card.

Some Creative Giving Strategies as Alternatives to Cash

Gifts other than cash include stocks, bonds, annuities, property, and other assets. Some of these options often provide tax advantages. Other strategies include cash flow gifts, diverted funds gifts, delayed expenditures, income producing assets, sale of assets, raises and bonuses, unique skills income, etc.

Please see our Creative Strategies for Giving brochure (It includes an example of how one family devised a creative approach to make a $12,000 gift!).

There is a role in this capital campaign for every member of the church and each contribution enables our success.

Please join us as we pray …
“God, what do You want to do through me?”

Please journey with us in prayer using our 21-day Devotional Journal, available at the Campaign Information stations or by clicking the link below.

A Word from Pastor Greg and Pastor Cyndi

From a humble beginning in 1837, the site for what has become Ingomar United Methodist Church was chosen. That original generation of believers envisioned a place where people could grow together in faith, teach their children how to love Jesus, and launch their Christian outreach to the world.

Generation by generation this congregation grew, and improved facilities—from a simple log cabin, to the buildings that make up our present campus.
For 185 years, Ingomar Church has celebrated its legacy of faith from generation to generation. Everything we experience in our facilities as we worship and teach our children is a legacy passed on to us by those who came before us. They invested in a place from which the faith of future generations could grow and prosper.

Now it is our turn to invest in capital improvements to secure the legacy for generations to come. The updates proposed by this campaign will ensure that our facilities stay welcoming, safe, and effective for all of our ministries and missions.

Please prayerfully consider supporting our vision for “Launching a Legacy: Generation to Generation” as Ingomar Church continues to spread God’s Word to the community and the world.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Greg Cox
Pastor Cyndi Bloise
Pastor Dennis Henley