At Ingomar Church, we are very intentional about faith development.  It’s really hard to study the Bible and grow in your faith on your own.  At Ingomar Church we provide a range of opportunities and environments to help people understand Scripture, grow in faith, and experience life in the supporting nature of caring relationships with others.  Ingomar Church is a church of small groups where we meet weekly to do both church-wide studies as well as per-group topical studies throughout the year.  And small groups are not only study groups but also personal support groups helping one another in life challenges and in our collective faith journeys.

For kids, Ingomar Church offers structured Sunday school classes ranging from preschool to 8th grade, and offers Sunday morning youth classes for middle and high school age students.  Also, Sunday school isn’t just for kids.  On Sunday mornings, there are Bible study classes for adults, topical groups, and Men’s and Women’s study groups.  In addition, Ingomar Church offers a structured and comprehensive Bible study series, called the Disciple series.  Disciple 1 covers around 80% of the Bible over a 36-week period and is open to those reading the Bible for the first time as well as those who want a comprehensive group study.  Disciple 2-4 dive deeper in specific sections of the Bible.

Follow links to explore Sunday School, Small Groups, and Disciple Classes to learn more.

Intentional Faith Development is one of 5 key areas we at Ingomar Church are intentionally pursuing in order to become more like Christ both individually as well as one church.  For more information, see Our Mission.