Please join us for breakfast on October 5, 8am in Fellowship Hall. Our speaker is Dr. Clement, who after completing his Doctorate in Divinity from Trinity College (Illinois) more than 30 years ago, founded Sram Ashram (“work/study”) to begin the transformative work of training Christian ministers in southeastern India by sharing his rigorous study of the Bible.

He founded Sram Ashram – “work/study” – to combine studying the scriptures with working to transform India with good, godly values. Now his mission is a leading teacher of truth and light in the local Telugu language – “local” to 130 million people — in southeastern India in the region surrounding the very-large city of Hyderabad. Maybe 4% of India’s population is Christian — their congregations often led by good, inspirational pastors. Unfortunately, many preachers have not been able to afford seminary training. Clement tells us that preachers in Indian villages, without further training, tend to expound upon what they think a Bible verse says, without any comprehensive study, rigor or anchor in the text of the Gospel or Paul’s letters.

Sram Ashram takes seminary-quality instruction training to Christian preachers. Its mission focus is to educate pastors and (through them) others into knowing and being inspired by true Christian doctrine and the Holy Spirit. He also provides inter-pastor fellowship for pastors to communicate effectively and safely, facing any difficulties they might face when explaining God’s Good News to each of their own communities.

“As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.” Proverbs 27:17