Lent in a Box: Week One

Lent in a Box: Week One

Week One Prayer Activities

Pretzel Prayer
Make pretzels (or purchase the frozen pre-made ones that you just bake). Refer to the booklet for recipe.

To learn more about the connection between Lent and pretzels, read Pretzels
by the Dozen by Angela Elwell Hunt!

Building Block Prayer
Use building blocks (like Lego or wood blocks) to build a prayer. Each brick or block represents a prayer request or praise.

Body Prayer
Take 3 deep breaths.
God, you are above (reach toward the
below (touch your toes),
inside (hands to heart),
and all around (big arm circles).
I worship you (reach toward the sky),
and give my life to you (touch your toes).
And I love you (hands to heart)
with all that I am (big arm circles).
Take 3 deep breaths.

From illustratedministry.com/2017/waysto-pray-with-kids/