Masking Recommendation

Masking Recommendation

Masks “Strongly Recommended” for all indoor activities

In response to recent increases in Covid transmission in our region, Ingomar Church is now “Strongly Recommending” masks for all members and friends in indoor settings throughout our campus.  We are still requiring masks for all children ages 2-12 and those working with our children.

Our reason for this recommendation is to protect those vulnerable and unvaccinated in our church and community.  We are praying for the availability and approval of vaccines for children under 12 and for a safe return to our fall programming and schools in our area.

Encouragement for Vaccination

I have strong confidence in vaccines and their efficacy.  Prior to Covid, I was able to travel safely throughout the world because I had been vaccinated against more than just a novel virus.  I trust that the medical community had my best interests at heart then and now.  The Covid Vaccine is just another example of how I can protect myself and others.  I believe this vaccine works to prevent transmission and reduce severe illness and hospitalizations, and that it will enable us to move toward a better life together. I encourage everyone who has not already received a vaccine to consult their physician and make decisions that are best for your overall health.

Facing the Challenges

Moving into the fall brings challenges, and I hope a simple effort to wear a mask whenever possible will be a way that we can continue our in-person gatherings.  As a reminder, all of our staff have been vaccinated.  While we will mask during our participation in group gatherings, we will follow previous practices of un-masking during preaching and speaking and participation in the chancel and staging areas.

Fall Ministry Relaunch: September 12

We are looking forward to and planning for a full relaunch of our ministries on September 12th.  We are excited for what lies ahead.  A small effort like masking while indoors will help us continue to meet together, to grow together, and to experience the fullness of Jesus’s love for us.

I look forward to seeing you in worship this week.

Pastor Greg