Online Service Auction

Online Service Auction

Auction Heroes 2024
Online Service Auction
Friday, February 23

What is an Online Service Auction?

Members of the Ingomar Church family donate their time and talents in the form of services which are auctioned to the highest bidder through a special auction website! It’s a great way to get to know other members of the church family and to support Mission Outreach!

Have Fun & Support Mission Outreach!

The auction is a fun way to support our Mission Outreach. Donate your time and talents in the form of services that are auctioned to the highest bidder. Bid at the auction. Or make a monetary donation at the auction site!

Be an “Auction Heroes” Service Donor!

Think of a service you can provide. It can be any service or talent you are willing to share. Ideas include preparing a special food item, offering tax advice, garden planning, tutoring, yard clean-up/maintenance, hauling, handyman work, music, art or dance lessons, a ride to the store or airport … anything that is your capability, talent or interest. To donate your service, simply complete an online form describing the service.

Auction Website

Click the button to visit the auction website and familiarize yourself with the site and learn how to download the Auctria Mobile Bidding App for the best auction experience!

Be an “Auction Heroes” Bidder

Register to bid at the auction so you can place bids on your favorite services.

Be an “Auction Heroes” Monetary Donor

Make monetary donations through the auction website. It’s a quick and easy way to offer your support.