Information about our Sunday morning experience!
Answers and information about our schedule that began September 2017! Click on the Q&A date to read answers to commonly asked questions.

Come and experience our newest opportunities to worship, connect and grow together in ways that are life-changing! There’s something for all ages. Our 9:45 hour has small groups for adults and youth, and Ingomar KIDS Prime Time – a high-energy program for children!

Q&A, September 7:
Where should I park on Sunday? How does the parking traffic flow?
Where is everything located?
What is the check-in process for kids?
Can an older sibling check in or check out a younger child?
What is the check-in and check-out process for middle school and high school youth?

Q&A, September 2:
Can you tell me more about how the preaching schedule will work?

Q&A, August 24:
What will the New Sunday 9:45am hour look like? What groups are meeting and where?

Q&A, August 18:
How can I help make our New Sunday Morning experience a success?

Q&A, August 9:
I’m pretty excited about this new Sunday Morning Experience. How can I tell others?
Why invite people to church?
Who should I invite?
What should I say?

Q&A, July 31:
What are the benefits of having an hour before or after my worship time for connecting and learning?
Will we still have Small Groups during the week?
When will I see what Small Groups are available?
How do I pre-register my Kids for Prime Time?

Q&A, July 28:
I want to serve, but I can’t commit to every week. Can I serve — say the second Sunday of each month? Or once every 6 weeks?
I missed some of Pastor David’s messages about Vision and Serving. Where can I find them?

Q&A, July 19:
Will Kids Place still happen during the worship services?
Will Nursery service be offered during worship and small group/Prime Time hour?
What happens during Kids Place?
What is required of Kids Place leaders and Helpers?
Will all of the kids at 11 am be together in one Kids Place?

Q&A, June 13:
This September, we’re implementing major steps toward our vision within the constraints of our current facilities.
What are some of the longer-term issues we still need to address?

How are we addressing these needs?
What is the timing for the study?

Q&A, May 22:
What about parking for the new schedule in the fall? Will that be an issue?

Q&A, May 18:
Would you consider keeping a worship service at 10 am?

Q&A, May 10:
What is the format of the new Ingomar Kids Prime Time?
How many adults are needed to support Kids Prime Time?

Q&A, May 3:
Have you seen the newly painted Multi-Activity Center (MAC) room?
How can I get involved in the new Kids Prime Time?
What connecting and learning opportunities will there be for adults?

Q&A, April 19:
Who will lead each service?
How is the Multi-Activity Center (MAC) room being adapted?
What does a Prime Time Check-In Volunteer do? (ways you can help)

Q&A, April 12:
Will sound from one 11am service interfere with the other 11am service?
What does a Sound/Media Assistant do? (ways you can help)
What about parking? (ways you can help)

Q&A, April 4:
With Kids Prime Time in the MAC room, where will other classes be?
What about noisy acoustics in the MAC room?
Why two worship services at 11am? and How will preaching be handled?
How can I help with implementation?
Why isn’t Kids Prime Time at the same time as Worship?

Ingomar Kids “Prime Time”:    The Format & The Benefits

The Vision for Ingomar Church