Looking for a new way to serve at Ingomar Church? Want to help us tell others how life is better with Jesus at the center? Here’s an opportunity for YOU!

Effective use of Social Media is one of the best promotional opportunities currently available to us. It’s a great way to reach people in the church and a great way to reach people in the surrounding community. If you can spare just a few minutes each week, you can dramatically impact our ability to spread the news in this way. All you have to do is “interact” with our posts.

If you don’t already receive our E-News, subscribe now. Then when you check your email, open our weekly e-news and share it with someone (click “forward” at the bottom of the email). Our e-news highlights the events and activities within the church. It’s a great way to extend an invitation to an upcoming event.

Another great way to help is by taking photos of church-related activities. Photos are an important part of our communications … each good photo is truly worth a thousand words!

Consider the following 3 EASY ways to SERVE on the Communications Team:

  1. Be a Social Media Champion
    Follow Ingomar Church on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, and interact with our posts at least once each week. To “interact” all you have to do is “like, click, comment, and/or share” the post. The more times you do, the more effective our social media becomes!
  2. Be an E-News Advocate
    Subscribe to and open our E-News (email news highlights) each week and share it with one or two others (friends, acquaintances, family, or other subscribers). All you have to do is click “forward” and specify your recipient. Each time your share, the reach of our weekly email campaigns increases.
  3. Be a Photo Provider
    Snap photos with your phone when you are attending any church event or activity, and email them to Mark Gulden ([email protected]) with a short caption or explanation. Good pictures help us record and tell our stories.