James Sermon Series

James Sermon Series

The book of James is called Wisdom Literature in the New Testament. It teaches us about the power of God’s Word to change our lives. It’s not just about hearing the Word, but also living it out. It offers a high view of God’s law and an ethical focus that runs throughout each chapter.

It highlights the importance of staying strong and growing in faith when times get tough, encourages us to seek wisdom from God, and shows us how belief in the gospel affects the way we actually live day to day.

In this series, we will consider how the book of James, asks and answers questions such as: If you really believe the gospel of Jesus, and if you really believe what Jesus said he came to do, what does that mean for the way in which you live your life every day? What does that look like on the ground? What does that look like in practical application?

Each Sunday in June, we will dive deeper into these insightful teachings in our sermon series “James: Where the Rubber Hits the Road.” 

Learn how the Word teaches us humility, shapes us, and sets us free! Please join us and invite a friend!