We’re Meeting in Lot A

We’re Meeting in Lot A

January 5 and 12, 2020
Acts 2:42-47
Pastor Gregory D. Cox

Let us pray:
How good it is to sing our praises to you, our God. You have done great things for your people; you heal the brokenhearted and heal our wounds. You determined the number of stars in the sky and call each of them by name. Why shouldn’t we call upon your name and call you great. You are the Lord, you are mighty in power and your understanding has no limit. You stain those who are humble and cast out the wicked. We are grateful for you, O Lord. As we come today, help us to hear your word spoken to us. Open us to your ever-widening Spirit in this place and may we be changed through it. We ask this through your spirit and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen (Psalm 147 paraphrased)

Ask anyone in our fellowship why they go to church, and the answers will be as varied as the day is long. Ask a teenager and you might hear an answer associated with a compulsory act of will imposed upon them by their parents. Some might tell you that it is a very reason for their existence.

Question someone who has been a part of a church for their entire life and they may also tell you that it has always been a part of who they are. It is part of the family, part of the family system, part of their heritage. The name of the church is synonymous with their last name. Some of you might fit that answer pretty well.

Ask someone who has come into relationship and into faith later in life and they will tell you something entirely different than someone who was part of a cradle roll at a local church. Why do you go to church – be ready for answers that may be similar but also have their own story.

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