Close-knit teams help oversee all aspects of Ingomar Church:

Leadership Council.  Manages the mission and key objectives across the church and coordinates the activities of all of the other teams.

Finance Team.  Manages the finances of the church.

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development.  Helps to identify and nominate members to the leadership teams and helps with hiring staff members.

Staff Parish Relations Committee.  Oversees human-resource decisions and promotes unity between congregation and staff in pursuit of the church’s mission.

Trustees Team.  Manages trust funds of Ingomar Church.

Stewardship Team.  Leads annual financial pledging process and coordinates church budget.

Teams meet monthly to organize and lead all aspects of Ingomar Church.  Team members commit to a three-year term of service.  We’d love for more members to step forward and help lead the direction and activities across Ingomar Church.  It’s an honor to serve in such a role.  If you feel called to help serve on a leadership team, please contact the Church Office.