At Ingomar Church, we strive to achieve a passionate worship and all-around participatory experience.  And that means many seemingly small things falling into place and running smoothly.  Whether it be the muting of a microphone as the soloist finishes a solo or the fact that the flower beds in front of the church are colorful and weed-free.  Volunteers help many of the operational aspects of the church go smoothly.

Audio/Visual (A/V)

The A/V team runs sights and sounds for every worship service.  Did you know that soloist mics were muted when they’re done to help prevent feedback though the PA System?  Do you like helping create and step beautiful presentations which guide the congregation through every worship service.  Do you like making movies or videos?  If so, come help us run PA, setup and step the presentations on the projectors, help us film portions of the service in HD video.  We do these things each and every worship service and it’s all volunteer.  Come and help!


The Technology team helps spec new and maintain existing technology infrastructure, ranging from the church communications network, phone system, security systems, computers, and even A/V infrastructure.  The technology team also oversees the hosting services behind our church web site and email services.  If you have a passion for hands-on “tech”, your talents could be well-used by the Technology team.


Are you marketer by trade or by passion?  Do you have a feel for how to perfectly craft that paragraph to emphasize a key point?  Do you want to help strengthen the brand of Ingomar Church and guide the coordinated communications efforts across our web site, email blasts, newletters, and other church communications?  We’re looking for people to help write copy for the web and newsletters.  If you have a passion for communications, come and help! Other opportunities include people with skills, interest and talents in:

  • graphic design
  • publicity
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Contact Mark Gulden, Communications and Marketing Manager

Facilities Maintenance

Is everything around your house spic and span?  Does that forming trench from runoff water along the drive annoy you to the point of picking up a spade and a wheelbarrow and fixing it?  Do you love the color and beauty of a weed-free flower bed in spring?  Do you feel the urge to pick up some spackle and a paint brush and fix that small hole in the wall?  If you would like to help with odd jobs around Ingomar Church to help keep the church in perfect shape to welcome newcomers, please join others who volunteer time to help with simple maintenance jobs around the church.

If you are compelled to help in any of the areas, we’d love your help.  Just let the Church Office know.