Short-Term Disaster Relief Missions

Short-Term Disaster Relief Missions

FALL MISSION TRIP to the Fort Myers area:

In March 2023, Pastor Cyndi led a team of eight on a mission trip to the Fort Myers area of Florida. Many of you have heard about some of the details and rich faith experiences that came from that trip.

Our Fall Mission Trip to the same area will be led by Pastor Greg and is scheduled for October 21-28, 2023. It is time to begin to gather our team so that fundraisers may be held to assist with the financial cost of serving in mission. As was true of the spring mission trip, there will be a variety of options for those who want to fly down and meet the team there or those who may be in Florida already who would like to join the team.

Early Response Team training is always recommended as preparation, but not required for this trip as the area is out of the Early Response phase and is now in long-term recovery.

For those who wish to be prepared, ERT training will be set up at Ingomar Church at a date TBA, likely in September. Watch your NewsBrief for additional information.

  • Approximate out-of-pocket trip cost without mission funding: $700
  • Likely actual out-of-pocket cost after mission funding: $150-200 (includes room and board, travel, and insurance)

If you have questions, please contact Pastor Greg at [email protected]. If you already know you would like to serve on this team, please complete the sign-up form.