Enga Bible Translation

Enga Bible Translation

Adam Boyd, confirmed as a youth at Ingomar Church, and now an ordained minister, lives in Papua New Guinea, with his wife and three children, where he is translating the Bible into Enga, the language spoken by approximately 450,000 natives in the remote, primitive, and tribal Enga Province. When they arrived in Enga, Adam first had to learn the language, which took approximately two years of total immersion in the villages. Having now been in the translation process, he is providing solar powered MP3 players to the villages along with each book of the Bible as it is translated. He anticipates publishing the entire Bible in Enga by 2028. He truly appreciates your prayers and support for his work and his family.


Special prayer request sent by Adam:
“We are scheduled to fly the Enga team to begin the audio recording of the Enga New Testament on August 1. But we are in the midst of the election season, which in Enga Province has been very violent and chaotic this year. Our two top translators are both (endangered) because of fights that have erupted due to the election. The translators are not actively involved in the fighting, but 31 houses in the village of one of the translators (Frank) have been burned down… and the other translator (William) is basically confined to his village (for safety) … Please pray for peace and safety, and for wisdom about whether or not to delay the recording.”

You can help:
Provide financial support of this mission. You can donate by texting an amount to 412-504-7798 using the code “boyd” – example: $100 boyd.

Contact: Bob Boyd at [email protected] or Bob Ruckel at 412-737-1383 or [email protected] with any questions.