It’s easy to overlook our neighbors in times of need.  Christ spoke of the true neighbor as the one who noticed, stopped, and took action.  Ingomar Church prays to hear the calls of our neighbor and to heed the Holy Spirit and respond.

After hurricane Ivan flooded the Millvale area of Pittsburgh, a church member heard that an active duty marine in Iraq owned one of the flooded houses and could not come home to do anything about it and could not afford to fix it.  This person took it upon himself to raise this to the church and many pitched in to buy $17,000 worth of supplies and over the course of a number of months rebuilt that house.  It was amazing.  They just did it.  When I saw that, I said “I need to be part of this.”  We joined Ingomar Church the following year.

There are neighborhoods and ethnic groups around Pittsburgh that are overlooked.  Ingomar Church partners with Bethany House in Northview Heights to help fund a community center where kids can seek refuge from one of the toughest areas of Pittsburgh.  We work on Habitat for Humanity projects in Allegheny and Beaver County to help restore broken neighborhoods a house at a time.  And we work as a local link in a global chain called Global Links to ship overstock medical supplies in the Pittsburgh area and ship them around the world to where they can help save lives.

Ingomar Church puts both time and monies into many mission and service projects around the Pittsburgh area including but not limited to:

If you’d like to get involved in any of these local missions, please contact the Church Office.