Living with the big C…

by Bonny Diver-Hall

When women are fighting cancer, many say that knowing they will lose their hair is worse than being told they have cancer. Being forced into chemotherapy knowing that your hair will likely fall out in handfuls after the first treatment feels like cancer is stealing one more piece of you, and everyone knows. You can’t go shopping, to school, to your kid’s ball game or to work without someone looking a little too long, squirming or walking up to say, “oh honey, good luck.”

Many of you know my cancer story. After falling off my horse in 2003, I suffered a broken shoulder and discovered a lump in my breast. I was 46 years old, fearing I would die. A friend gave me homework. She said, “You know Christ is with you and loves you, right? Then make every decision based on faith, not fear. Christ is the big C and is bigger than anything including cancer.” I got my game on and with the help of many, we beat cancer, but my story did not end.

I felt a loud calling from God to help others, inspiring me to raise money to help women purchase wigs not covered by insurance. I shared this vision with Ingomar leaders who excitedly helped start Hair Peace Charities. The ‘Peace’ is the confidence I received from Christ in the cancer darkness.

Hair Peace helps women fighting cancer in an eleven county region of southwestern Pennsylvania, providing funds to purchase wigs. Since 2005, I have taken calls from hundreds of patients with all types of cancer. They call for the funds but the conversations allow us to talk survivor to survivor. I offer advice and tips to help them through treatment. My goal is to encourage each with faith in the midst of cancer. I send each patient two books: “Prayers To Sustain You Through Cancer” and our “Hair Peace Warriors Guide,” a binder with information covering nutrition, exercise, stress and more.

Women are welcomed at monthly educational support group meetings in the Ingomar Community Life Center. Speakers offer advice on healthier living, and we share stories and devotions aimed at filling each person with confidence in Christ’s love. We take communion and pray in a circle holding lap quilts. There is also a group that sends prayers and cards of hope to the patients.

Hair Peace Charities is Hair, Prayer and Care that demonstrates that Christ is the big C.

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If you’d like to get involved with Hair Peace Charities or help by making a financial contribution, please contact the Church Office.