Hosanna Industries, Inc. is a faith-rooted, 501 (c)3 non-profit organization in southwestern Pennsylvania. The mission includes new construction and repair/rehabilitation services for low-income homeowners; leading volunteers in disaster recovery; and training young people in the trade skills to give them a hope for the future.

Its typical single client household in 2012 made less than $13,000 a year. Since its founding in 1990 Hosanna Industries has provided nearly $50 million worth of charitable work to the community for less than $14 million. It depends on the generosity of others to complete its work.

In 1987, Rev. Donn Ed, Associate Pastor at the First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown, visited a single mother and her five children to deliver Christmas gifts from the church. As she thanked him with tears of emotion, he absorbed the suffering that surrounded him. Crates and pallets served as makeshift furniture. A sprig of evergreen decorated with pieces of paper and string was the only Christmas tree the children would enjoy. The bare concrete walls were dark with smoke from an open firebox fueled by pieces of scavenged pallets. The poor-quality windows served more effectively as vents. The concrete floor was carpeted with flattened cardboard cartons. Donn’s heart broke for the children.

Two years later while reading his bible, Donn was intensely moved as he considered the crowds shouting, “Hosanna – Rescue me now, Lord,” as Jesus rode into Jerusalem. And Donn heard the silent cries of the single mother he had visited. On Palm Sunday 1990, four young men knelt in the chancel of the First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown and dedicated themselves to meeting the needs of impoverished households. Hosanna Industries was born.

Since that time, miracles have happened. More than 2700 households have been helped. Nearly 150,000 volunteers have labored for their neighbors in need. Repairs have been made to existing homes and new homes have been built. More importantly lives have been changed.

Thank you note from a client of Hosanna Industries:
“I am truly grateful—the fact that we have working windows that aren’t covered with plastic and blankets is truly wonderful!  It’s nice not feeling like you’re in a cave.  As for the roof … It’s great not having to sleep with buckets or waking up to wet feet.  Thank you for answering a prayer with your gifts.”

Twenty-three years ago the Spirit moved and a new mission was born. The Comforter is still working through the hearts and lives of Hosanna Industries’ mission workers and volunteers today. The Lord called. Someone responded. Miracles are happening.

Do you hear the Lord calling? Will you make a miracle happen? For more information about Hosanna Industries, visit www.hosannaindustries.org