While many things have changed since its inception 11 years ago, the mission of Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community has remained constant.

Hot Metal provides a bridge to Jesus Christ by participating in communion, welcoming all into community, listening and having compassion, growing in faith, and sharing the story of Jesus with the South Side, surrounding neighborhoods, and the world.

Lunch is typically served after each Sunday service, but one week we had no one sign up to serve, so we announced we would not be having lunch that day. We asked for a few volunteers for upcoming Sundays.

Right after the service, Zach and Stretch came forward and offered to make lunch the following week. Zach and Stretch live in a camp underneath the PJ McArdle Roadway on the South Side. They said they and a few other guys in camp would make the meal. We bought the supplies and the following week Zach, Stretch, Boston, Scully, and Stephen made us a meal they called chi-chi, or Hobo spaghetti. The rest of us just called it delicious!

We met these guys through our Saturday homeless ministry. That ministry embodied the work of welcoming and listening and having compassion in such a way that these men have become a part of our community and not just the ‘homeless’ that we reach out to on Saturdays.  They are friends and fellow members of our community.

Along with our mission statement another thing that has not changed over the years is the continued ongoing support of Ingomar Church.  For that we are especially thankful and are grateful for your continued support of our ministry!

Donate to this and other Mission Outreach efforts using the yellow giving envelopes at church.