The Boyds – Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea


In January 2012, Adam Boyd, son of church members Bob and Heather Boyd, went with his family to Papua New Guinea to work in Bible translation. Feeling called to work with Enga, the largest vernacular language in Papua New Guinea, Adam spent his first year learning the Enga language.

After mastering the basics of Enga, Adam mentored a team of nine Enga speakers through a five-week translator training course. Upon completing the course, Adam and the team began their first assignment and completed a translation of the Abraham story (Gen. 11:27–25:11).

After completing various checks to ensure accuracy and clarity, the team is now recording the story for distribution on solar-powered audio players so that it will speak clearly and plainly to more than 300,000 Enga speakers, most of whom have great difficulty reading in their own or any other language. A limited number of printed copies will also be made available for those who would like to read. Simultaneously, Adam and the translation team have started drafting the book of Mark.

During the Boyd’s stay in Enga last summer, eleven houses in the home village of two of the Enga translators were burned to the ground as a result of tribal fighting. It was an immediate reminder of just how desperately the people of Enga need the Word of God in their own language. Please pray for the Boyds and for the safety of the Enga translators as they complete this important work!