The Honduras Hope Mission (HHM) is a 501(c)-3 organization headquartered in Mars, Pa. The stated mission of HHM is to improve the health and standard of living of those living in and around La Villa de San Francisco, Honduras. One major focus has been the yearly sponsorship of Hope Families, which are the poorest of the poor in La Villa. These Hondurans are mostly working folks who labor in the sugar cane or watermelon fields for as little as $8 a day – not enough for food or shelter, let alone medical care. With help from Hope Sponsors, families are provided monies for rent, food and school uniforms and supplies for the children. They are also required to attend the Hope Center where the children are helped with school work and mothers are given opportunities to participate in cooperative business enterprises. Another vital part of HHM is to provide medical treatment for thousands in the La Villa general area. Since 2005, a medical team consisting of doctors, physician assistants, nurses, physical therapists, dentists and support staff has traveled to Honduras and visited numerous locations. This year the team was comprised of several members from Ingomar Church and numerous other churches in the Pittsburgh area as well as two churches from the state of New York.

Over seven days this past February 2018, the medical team provided medical, dental and vision care to 2,380 individuals. In addition to holding a 2 day clinic in La Villa, the brigade traveled to Suyate, Suyape, el Buffalo, Guanacaste and MiraValle. They gave out approximately six thousand prescriptions, and in some cases such as for diabetes and high blood pressure, a year’s supply of medicine. They distributed water filters, mosquito nets, Bibles, children’s Bible story books, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, eyeglasses, canes and crutches. In the past two years alone, 1,000 water filters have been distributed throughout the area. Families that use these filters have seen as much as a 90% decline in stomach and intestinal problems that result from parasites, bacteria and other contaminates in the local water supply. The children miss less school and the adults miss less work days.

The team shared the Gospel in work and deed, and made a difference in people’s lives, all of which was only made possible due to the support of hundreds of people, largely in the Pittsburgh area, and with the help of MAP International, Global Links, the Brother’s Brother Foundation, and the Ingomar Living Waters Foundation.

Whether you are part of the team that travels to Honduras, or the much larger team that remains in the U.S. but prays for us and supports the mission financially, please know that your sacrifices are making a difference in the lives of many families. If you would like to either support HHM or travel with the team next year, please contact HHM.

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