Hope For Honduras

Honduras needs hope more than ever.  It is a country plagued with extreme poverty, mounting gang violence, heavy drug trafficking, and a corrupt government.  Daily life there is very difficult and to many Hondurans hope seems so very distant in their lives. The impact of poverty on the people is heartbreaking. Each year the Honduras Hope Mission sends teams of compassionate people to reach out to deliver hope to the people of the mountain village of La Villa San Francisco and surrounding communities. We partner with God, reaching out to one person at a time, in an attempt to make life more bearable for the many Honduran men, women and children we touch.

The last trip in January of 2013 was a wonderful success. Every one of us on the team (two physicians, a physician assistant, three nurses, a physical therapist, an optometrist, two dentists, two retired teachers, an accountant, a banker, and two pastors) had our faith strengthened as we watched God work in so many ways.  The medical team worked tirelessly as about 1,100 patients came through our medical clinics, 419 through the eye clinics and 195 through the dental clinic. Many teeth were pulled, over 200 pairs of eyeglasses were distributed and over 6,000 prescriptions were filled through our mobile pharmacy. Fifty individuals received a year’s supply of hypertension medication and 50 received a year’s supply of diabetes medication.  We administered AIDS testing to 45 individuals.  In addition everyone who came through the clinics received parasite medication and education about water-borne parasites. Thanks to generous contributions from Ingomar Living Water, more than 120 families were given Spanish Bibles and water filters which, if used properly, can keep all in the family members from re-ingesting the water-borne parasites.  One hundred individuals were provided with mosquito nets to help prevent the spread of malaria and dengue fever.  We were very blessed to be able to distribute thousands and thousands of dollars worth of medications, glucometers, diabetic test strips and orthopedic supplies such as walkers, canes, crutches, splints and a wheelchair.

In addition to the medical work we do each year, we continued to work with our Hope Families (30 of the “poorest of the poor” in the community) by providing them with monthly food distributions, rent support, school uniforms and supplies, and by providing Bible studies and life skills classes for both the mothers and children. This year we also provided each family with 100 pounds of beans and 100 pounds of corn, a staple in their diet.  We “graduated” one more family this year (making a total of thirteen that we feel have progressed to the point that they can provide for their own basic needs). We are now supporting two young women from the Hope Families as they pursue a university degree, and have two more who will be taking admission tests for the university.  Education is the key to rising above the grip of poverty.

Thank you Ingomar for your faithful support through your prayers, financial gifts and continued encouragement.  Together with your help, we are sharing God’s love and hope with the people of Honduras and making a difference. We are in the process of planning the next trip to Honduras. If you have any questions about this trip, please contact Sherry Kubacki.