News Story about last year’s Mission Trip to BUTERE, KENYA

While on her mission trip last summer, Ruth Dietz was contacted by Kaitlyn Schallhorm, a news reporter for TheBlaze News, who ended up traveling with Ruth and  ‘shadowing’ her as she went about the tasks of her mission work. What Ruth did not know was that Kaitlyn was not only observing, but interviewing many of the individuals who have been positively impacted by Rainbow Christian Missions. Click the button to read the story that was posted April 26, 2017.

Feature story about RCM on TheBlaze News

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It was in the summer of 2001 that Ruth Dietz, a member of Ingomar Church, was first called to participate in a mission trip to Butere, a small village in western Kenya.

Past Mission Focus (2013)

After returning from Butere, Ruth began organizing a child sponsorship program for children in the Butere and surrounding villages who desperately needed an education but whose parents could not afford to send them to school. After the first year, there were 7 children sponsored. By the time Ruth returned with a mission team in 2003, there were over 80 children sponsored by individuals and church groups. Today, the program has grown to include over 150 children.

The support and needs of Butere and other areas around Butere has grown tremendously since 2001. Today support and mission teams are not only helping to sponsor children in school, but they are helping by providing medical outreach clinics, providing support to men and women who are HIV+, providing water wells, and providing many other resources such as food, mattresses, mosquito nets, bibles, clothing and many other items.

In order to coordinate resources and better provide for the growing needs, Rainbow Christian Missions was born. Through this organization, it is hoped that the resources and funds will become available to continue Gods work, at the level that He is calling us to provide to our brothers and sisters in Kenya.

To participate on the annual 3-week mission trip to Kenya or to support Rainbow Christian Missions financially, please contact the Church Office.

For more information, see the Rainbow Christian Missions web site.