RCM provides Clean-Water Wells

RCM has successfully managed and financed the planning, preparation, community cooperation, government clearances, surveys, contracts, materials, supplies, digging and building, installation of hand pumps, final completion and water testing for a number of clean-water wells in the western province of Kenya. The most recent is the Well at the Eshibembe Primary and Secondary Schools. At the dedication ceremony, Livingstone Aswani, a retired teacher and community leader, said, “The government laid pipes for clean water a few years ago – but no water came because the source dried up. Later, a second agency dug a well here, but it collapsed during construction and they gave up. Again no water came. Now you (RCM) dig a well, and the WATER GUSHES OUT! Now we have very clean, permanent, water, thanks to RCM! The Eshibembe school and community are so thankful and we give all credit to God for RCM coming and blessing us with water.” As the Rt. Rev. Michael Sande (Anglican Bishop) said at the dedication of RCM’s Eshibembe well, “Water is Life. And RCM is an agent of life. We are all in this life together. When you thirst for water, thirst for righteousness also.