RCM helps those with HIV/AIDS – (Tushauriane support group for HIV+ members)
(Note – a normal range CD4 count is 500 – 1,000. At a count of 350 or less, HIV treatment is started).

Wellingtone Ashiembi

Wellingtone Ashiembi was extremely sick when first tested, with a CD4 count of only 1 (one) in 2005. His CD4 count is now 640! He says, “I am now a caregiver to other sick people and a respected community health adviser because of my disclosure. I can now access any medical service because I have RCM with me. Tunapenda RCM (We love RCM). Also, we are not forgetting the sugar, beans, soap and other gifts that you give to us when you come. Do you know, not many of us can afford to buy one kg of sugar. We can only afford ¼ kg.” (1 kg of sugar is $1.50 USD, ¼ kg of sugar is 37 cents USD).

Rose Atieno

“I used to walk with two sticks, looking very old, even though I am not old,” said Rose Atieno said. “I was so sick. I saw that Tushauriane (HIV+) people were LIVING through (the work of) RCM, so I got tested. At first, they couldn’t see any CD4 count at all for me, and I was put on Septrin. That is when I had a first CD4 count of only 98 and I was put on ARV drugs. My CD4 count is now at 800! When I got sick, my husband chased me away. I went to stay with my mother. Now, since my husband sees that I am actually LIVING, he has come to my mother’s home and asked for forgiveness and wants his wife back. I am strong now and I take care of my elderly mother. I even have a business selling fruits at the hospital gate.”

Beatrice Opisa

“The life I have is yours,” said Beatrice Opisa.

Christabel Achieng

“We are living as people who are ALIVE. We will all be in heaven as one family, not as HIV+,” said Christabel Achieng.

Theresa Ateya

“When I first came to Tushauriane, I was so sick that I had to be carried in a wheelbarrow. Now you cannot tell I am positive!” exclaimed Theresa Ateya.

Aggrey Okoti

Don’t forget us RCM, you are the one giving us life! We shall live strongly by the Grace of the Lord. God Bless RCM!” said Aggrey Okoti.