Florence Okutoyi

“I do not know where to start,” said Florence Okutoyi (grandmother to Miriam Anindo). “When I look at my grandchildren … and how RCM has helped them by providing food, education and clothing, I feel the love of God upon me. If it were not for RCM … Esther would have died in her first two months! I thank RCM for providing milk and baby food. Esther is now growing and strong, so healthy you would think she was breastfed by her mother. Praise God! God is Great! If not for RCM, my grandchildren would be street children because I am very old and unable to provide food, clothing and education for them. God bless Ruth and RCM.”


Mama Brudence Omwanda

“You are a blessing to me since you came into my life,” said Mama Brudence Omwanda. “You are a blessing right from heaven, from God himself. You sacrifice all you have from the bottom of your heart to help me. Thank you for taking my family as part of your family by providing me with food, clothes, school fees, and so many other things that I cannot finish counting them. RCM has given me hope in life because I am blind … without RCM, none of my children could ever go to school, wear clothes or shoes and get food. God Bless You. I feel loved. I feel LOVED! (said with tears of joy!) God bless RCM!