An excerpt of a story that has warmed our hearts.

Teddy Oduor

“I saw the true God.” That’s what Teddy Oduor’s mother Agnes, said about RCM’s help. Teddy is a small boy who was severely injured when the wall of his uncle’s house fell in on him last February. Teddy’s leg was crushed, the bones broken in several places requiring surgery, after which metal pins were screwed into his leg and held in place by a long metal rod. That was Teddy’s condition when his mother brought him to RCM’s free medical outreach last July in the village of Imanga, Kenya. Agnes had been given until the end of June to pay the hospital to remove the pins and rod, but the family had no means to pay. Timing is everything and God’s timing is always perfect! That day, RCM transported Teddy, his mother, and a nurse to the hospital and paid for Teddy’s hospital and surgery costs to remove the pins and metal rod. After the surgery, Teddy’s mother said, “I thank God for these people. I don’t even know them but I think it is God Himself who came. On that day, I saw the true God! … Teddy had been left to God’s help alone – and God came – on the right day, and at the right time!