Service Auction

Service Auction

Auction Heroes 2023
Online Service Auction
Saturday, March 25
Fellowship Hall (and online)

Using a play on the common understanding of “action heroes” and heroes in general, our theme “Auction Heroes” allows us to have some fun with imagery, and to refer to those who offer services for auction and those who bid on the items as our “Heroes”. Everyone who participates is a “HERO!”

Support Mission Outreach. Have Fun!

As with our past service auctions, the purpose is raise funds for Mission Outreach while encouraging and enjoying the fellowship of all who participate.
The entire church family is encouraged to donate their time and talents in the form of services which are then auctioned to the highest bidder through a special auction website. It’s a great way to get to know other members of the church family and to support Mission Outreach at the same time.

Be an “Auction Heroes” Service Donor!

Think of a service you can provide. It can be any service or talent you are willing to share. Ideas include preparing a special food item, offering tax advice, garden planning, tutoring, yard clean-up/maintenance, hauling, handyman work, music, art or dance lessons, a ride to the store or airport … anything that is your capability, talent or interest. To donate your service, simply complete an online form describing the service.

Be an “Auction Heroes” Bidder

Register to bid at the auction so you can place bids on your favorite services. The auction will be conducted electronically and will be accessed by attendees of the in-person event, as well as folks who wish to participate from home. Anyone attending the in-person event without a smartphone can still participate in the auction and bid on services with the help of outreach committee members.

Make a Reservation to Attend the In-Person Event

Join us In-Person on March 25, 6pm–8:30pm in Fellowship Hall, as we gather to enjoy the excitement, and to encourage and challenge each other! Enjoy refreshments and special in-person fun!
The event is free, but reservations are required. Make your reservation NOW.

Volunteer to help at the In-Person Event

If you would like to help at the in-person event, we welcome your assistance! Please check the box on your Connect Card in worship, or email [email protected] to express your interest!

Be an “Auction Heroes” Monetary Donor

Monetary donations can also be made through the auction website. It’s a quick and easy way to offer your support.

Visit the Auction Website

Visit the auction site to familiarize yourself with how the auction works and for helpful tips on how to download the Auctria Mobile Bidding App.