Small Group Study

Small Group Study

The Problem of Pain

In a recent congregational survey about topics we all need to hear about, we saw many responses wondering about how such evil can exist in a world where God is good.

It is actually a topic that is best tackled in small group where discussion can happen. So, we are engaged in a small group book study through the end of August, meeting in person in Room 125A with the option to join via Zoom.

C.S. Lewis wrote The Problem of Pain in 1940. It was his first major Christian work. In the book he seeks to reconcile God’s power and goodness with the presence of evil. He calls this “the problem of pain.” Traditionally many have used the term theodicy.

To provide an answer, Lewis delves into many areas of Christian thought—apologetics, God’s goodness, the Fall of humanity, heaven, and even animal pain. Lewis attempts to answer our questions, but ultimately, we trust that God will reveal answers to us through discussion.

To participate in this study, please contact Pastor Cyndi.