Special Christmas Offering

Special Christmas Offering

Since 2011, Ingomar Living Waters has been bringing the gift of clean water to the world. Last year, Ingomar Church dedicated one-half of our Christmas offering to bring life-giving water to a maternity clinic in Uganda, Africa.

Ingomar Church designated one-half of the 2019 Christmas offering to provide safe, clean water to two villages in South Sudan. The project involves drilling a deep well to serve Nawoyapak Village (pronounced Na-wee-ah-puck) and nearby Nubois Village (pronounced Nu-boys). The well will provide a year-round clean water source for 4,100 people.

In this remote area, the villagers rely on rainfall for all of their water. The rain comes mostly in late spring and late summer, stopping as winter begins. These villages share a large hand-dug pond that catches rainfall. It is open, contaminated, and shared with animals, resulting in water-borne disease and death. There is no secondary water source, so when the pond dries up, the villagers must walk 50 miles to the closest water source, hauling all their belongings and risking dangerous travel and dehydration. They stay for a few months until the rains return and then walk 50 miles back home.

Not only will a deep well positively impact lives by providing clean water, but it will also help our ministry partners who are making wonderful progress sharing the Gospel in this region.

To learn more, visit ingomarlivingwaters.org.