Spring Mission Trip

Spring Mission Trip

Spring Mission Trip: Fort Myers, Florida

Dates of trip – week of March 19:  Departing Ingomar Church parking lot near parsonage (you may leave your car) Saturday, March 18, time to be determined by amount of time needed to reach overnight stop at a reasonable time to get ready for sleep, but likely early morning.

Returning to same place on Sunday, March 26. We will do our best to be back by 3 or 4 pm so that you have time to rest before returning to work or school the following week.

Who:  Anyone age 18 or older unless accompanied by an adult (age 14 minimum). Team size 10-15 people

What:  Disaster Cleanup of damage caused by Hurricane Ian

Where:  Fort Myers, Florida area

IMPORTANT:  Early Response Team Training is REQUIRED because Florida is still in its early phases of recovery and not open to untrained volunteers at this time. If you want to participate, we are hosting an Emergency Response Team Training event on Jan. 28 at the church. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
This training will also equip you for any other mission trips in which you would consider participating. Please contact Pastor Cyndi at [email protected] for more information about the training and the mission trip.

Transportation:  Participants can choose to travel together by car or can choose to fly. There will be a price differential depending upon the choice.

Accommodations:  In Florida, UMCOR will help us find a church in which we will be staying. There will be shower and kitchen facilities, but we will need to bring our own bedding (air mattress and such). We are asked to give a love offering of $15/person/night to offset the costs of electricity and water. For those driving with us, we plan to stop and stay one night on the way and one night on the return. All efforts will be made to make arrangements at a church that is equipped with showers probably at approximately the same cost as in Florida.

Where will we be working: Our work will be focused in the Sanibel Island, Pine Island, and Port Charlotte areas of Fort Myers. We will likely be doing some combination of mucking out homes as well as beginning some drywall and flooring rebuilding.

Cost estimates: 


  • Transportation: Estimated cost is $306 per vehicle round-trip. Assuming travel to and from work sites each day, with four people per vehicle, total driving cost is estimated at $100 per person.
  • Lodging: Based on estimate of $15/person/night, cost of lodging would be $120 for the week.
  • Food: On the way to Florida, everyone will pay for their own food, snacks, and special beverages (water will be provided). Once on site, a “kitty” will provide funds to buy groceries and water, to make our own breakfasts and lunches. The kitty will also fund a group dinner at the end of each work day. It is helpful and quicker when large groups do not try to do separate checks for dinner, so we will be on one check, paid by the “kitty”. Budget $450 (itemized below plus a bit more for cushion)
    • Breakfasts (pre-purchased items, approx. $5 per breakfast)Travel Lunches (paid on your own at quick road stops)
    • Work Lunches (pre-purchased items for sack lunches, approx. $10 per lunch)
    • Dinners  (18th – 25th = 8 dinners, approx. $40 per dinner to include tip)
  • Insurance: Volunteer in Mission insurance is required. The cost is $.75/day/person, including travel days, plus a $5 fee. Total cost $11.75 per person.
  • Donation for Materials: Great news! At this point materials are being covered by grants, so we do not need to contribute toward materials.

Flying – Team members will make their own flight arrangements as well as transportation from the airport to our lodging site, and must be in Fort Myers by Sunday evening before the Monday we begin work. Their team cost would include lodging for six nights only ($90) and cost for food may be very slightly decreased depending upon arrival and departure times.

LocalsAnyone with a home in the Fort Myers area who would like to join the team, will need to be insured, and the amount paid toward food will be dependent upon the number of meals for which they will join the group (breakfast and lunch or just lunch). These people can be on their own check for dinners in which they join the group.

At the end of the week, the team will vote on how to disburse any remaining funds. Typically, teams vote to donate the balance to UMCOR for ongoing work. If not donated, any remainder will be divided between the participants to offset their out-of-pocket costs.

We try to be frugal in mission, contributing to the local economy as we can, with an awareness that we are often financially supported by others and we need to be good stewards of those funds.

Items you need to bring: N95 masks, safety goggles, closed toed shoes/boots, work gloves, your own hammer (marked with your name) if you have one, mattress, bedding and pillow, towels and toiletries, insect repellent (no-see-ums are a constant).

The weather is likely to be like July in PA, so plan to be quite warm. Thus, our work days will likely begin around 7:30 or 8am and conclude around 2:30pm or so, because of the extreme heat. We will plan to take ½ day of respite on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. During that time, we may plan an optional activity of some kind, and those who don’t want to do an activity are welcome to just rest.

Request: We are hopeful that the Finance Team will permit us to ask the congregation for financial support to decrease the financial burden for the individuals serving. This permission would include approval to have a one-time fundraiser, if we are able. We will also ask the Mission/Outreach Team for support. Our hope is to at least have the cost of the fuel for travel, water, and N95 masks covered by congregation and Mission/Outreach Team. If we have a team together in time, we will attempt to have a fundraiser to offset personal costs of serving in mission.

Cost for those driving
Travel            $100
Food              $450
Lodging         $120
Insurance     $  11.75
Total              $681.75

Cost for those flying
paid on your own
$  90
$  10.25
$415.25 + travel cost

For local participants
$50 (lunches) or BYO
$  8.75

Incidentals   (snacks, beverages on the road)
Optional Respite Activity   (amount depends on what the group decides to do)

FIRST TEAM MEETING: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 7 PM. There will be an option to attend virtually if you are unable to attend in person.

LAST TEAM MEETING: THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 7 PM. As long as all of your paperwork has been submitted to team leaders, you may attend virtually.