How is your life better with Jesus at the center? Why is it important to have an answer? It’s important because God created us to live in relationship with others — to connect with people face-to-face.
If you have an answer, chances are you understand your responsibility to welcome and connect with others, assisting them in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Following are some ideas for ways in which you can create your own story.

Scenario: In casual conversation you mention something about Ingomar Church. Your friend asks, “What is your church about?”

Short sample answer:

“Ingomar Church is about making Jesus central in your life … when that happens, life is just better!”

Longer sample answer:

“Ingomar Church is about living life with Jesus at the center … when you do that, you experience God’s love in your life … so much that you realize you want to worship and learn more … and you grow, and want to give back by serving and sharing with others … and you want to welcome others to come and see just how much better life can be!”

“I’ve been attending Ingomar Church for the past ____ years, and I love … “

(choose one or more of the following, or create your own)

  • The variety of worship available
  • The traditional 9 o’clock Sunday worship because …
  • The 10 o’clock contemporary Sunday worship because …
  • The blended 11:15 Sunday worship because …
  • My small group because …
  • Serving as _______________
    (choose one or more of the following, or create your own):

    • A member of the choir (or praise band)
    • A greeter
    • An usher
    • A small group leader
    • A Sunday school teacher
    • A volunteer in the nursery
    • A Children & Family Ministries volunteer
    • A Youth Ministries volunteer
    • A volunteer / supporter of the _________________ Mission Outreach
    • _____________________________________ (list your own area(s) of involvement)

“There are so many ways you can get involved at Ingomar Church … “

  • One of the best ways is to come to worship … (talk about the options, styles, the meaningful nature of each)
  • Or you can join a small group … (talk about the types offered and how they help people become connected)
  • And there are so many ways you can serve … (talk about the many volunteer and missions outreach opportunities)

“Why don’t you come this Sunday, and see for yourself?”