Updates on The Hub

Updates on The Hub

‘The Hub’ at Ingomar Church
IngomarKIDS and IngomarYOUTH created it to help working-parent families with kids in K-12 Grade who are participating in hybrid classes in the 2020-2021 school year. The Hub enables students to come together in a physically-distanced and safe environment during the day.

We are practicing physical distancing and wearing masks. Room groups are limited to 10 students and two leaders.

To help in other ways (donating supplies or scholarships), check your connect card or email [email protected].

enrollment (as of 8/28/20):
  • 53% of our students are community-based
  • 47% of students are connected to our church in some way (preschool, VBS, church attender).
  • Serving 43 students each week
Being The Church

One of the coolest things is that we get to pour into families who may never otherwise come to our church, or a church.

We get to support them in a time that is stressful, hard, and scary for families.

We get to give families hope and comfort by giving their kids a safe, loving, supportive, and affordable space to learn.

It is when the church gets to be the church!