Ingomar Church Wellness / Care Team Ministry
Walking Group
Monday, May 14 – Saturday, August 11
Come together for 12 weeks of walking and fellowship!

Monday through Saturday at 8am daily, walkers meet in the rear parking lot of Ingomar Church Worship Education Center to walk 3.5 miles around the surrounding neighborhood with friends and those from our church and community who are grieving. The group is open to anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental health, not just those who are grieving.

Walkers gather at 8am for a brief prayer and begin walking by 8:15am. Walkers can walk all or part of the route and may walk at their own pace as needed.

Benefits of Exercise in Coping with Grief:

  1. Exercise can take you outside of your own head. If you look around you, at others in a gym or in a natural setting, you may see something bigger than your own pain.
  2. Grief moves at its own pace; it’s a bit of a mystery, and sometimes it’s hard to see progress. Exercise can restore a sense of control in life because it provides a sense of confidence and mastering something.
  3. Exercise provides physical benefits because it releases endorphins, which can increase a sense of well-being.
  4. Exercise is perfect for “instrumental” grievers, people who are “head-oriented” and don’t want to talk about their feelings. They are more “task-oriented” in their grief process and want something to do.
  5. It is also perfect for “intuitive” grievers, people who are “heart-oriented.” They are emotionally expressive and want to talk. For them, exercise can provide a way to have a sense of community and connect with other people.

No registration is necessary.
For more info, contact Kelly Rupp at [email protected]