Youth Ministry News

Youth Ministry News

Until we can be back together, safe and sound in the church building, IngomarYouth is going online! We want to stay connected even though we can’t gather in the same physical space. Here is what virtual gathering will look like over the next few weeks. Ministry isn’t stopping, it just looks different, because let’s face it – life looks different.

Social Media
Instagram : @ingomaryouth
Facebook :

Quaran-Teen Challenge : Each day during the quarantine, students will have a challenge to complete. For every challenge completed students will be entered into a contest to win a gift card when the quarantine ends. A middle school, confirmation, and high school winner will be announced. To enter students should either post on social media and tag @ingomaryouth or can send a DM or email directly to Megan at [email protected]. For a copy of the challenges, email Megan!

*Extra entries for every ZOOM call you join in!
*Extra entries when you send us pictures/videos of you participating in Elevate or Sunday morning worship at home!

Confirmation lessons will be uploaded onto our IngomarYouth YouTube Channel each week so we can continue learning together. We may organize a ZOOM night with our students too. Stay tuned for more information!

High School
FISH will continue to meet Sunday nights at 7:00pm via ZOOM.
Mondays with Megan will meet Monday nights at 7:30pm via ZOOM.
Thursdays with Megan will meet Thursday nights at 7:30pm via ZOOM.

The high school meeting ID is : 277-018-2267
The high school password is : JESUSTIME

Middle School
ROOT will continue to be available on our IngomarYouth YouTube Channel Sunday nights at 5:00pm

Middle School Wednesdays are at 7:30pm via ZOOM. Join in and have an hour to chat and connect with each other during this time where we can’t meet in the same space.
ZOOM can be downloaded on a laptop or phone.

The middle school meeting ID is : 277-018-2267
The middle school password is : MSHANGOUT


Elevate will go online on IngomarYouth’s Facebook Page on Saturday nights at 6:45pm. Hang out as a family together on Saturday night and join us live for Elevate worship.

As things continue to grow and change, we will keep you updated. Thank you for all of your support and understanding as things continue to change.

I will be coming up with some activities to help pass some time at home, but if there is anything else you need (besides prayer) let me know. I know tensions are high with your teens. They have lost all control in their lives, and all of their friends and activities. It’s only been a few days, but they are stir crazy. I know it’s hard, and there is a lot of angst, but you are the one who has control over your emotions. Be strong and gentle.

We are here if you need us. Don’t hesitate to ask. Zoom can be made available for parent meetings too :).

Peace and Blessings,
Megan DelGrosso
Youth Director