At Ingomar Church we exist to lead our students in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that life is better, when Christ is at the center. Our goal is to walk with our students on their faith journeys and help them strengthen their faith.

Sunday Morning Small Group Experiences for Grades 6-12

ELEVATE is our Sunday Morning Experience for 4th-7th Graders
Room Location: Community Life Center, Cafe
Small Group Leaders: Girls Group – Ally Meehan & Ally Boretsky // Boys Group: Craig Hunkele, Eric Pernell, & John Vogt
Curriculum 252 Preteen
Students come together, play games, worship, have a Bible lesson, and join in aged and gendered small group times.

Confirmation is our Sunday Small Group for 8th Graders
Community Life Center, Room 124A
Leaders: Darlene Brideweser, John & Tammy Debonis, Matt & Susan Moudry
Curriculum: Collaborate
8th Grade students join together to deepen their faith through a year of learning what it means to live out their Christian faith.

Senior High Sunday School for 9th-12th Graders
Community Life Center, Youth Room
Leaders: Jim Mountain and Mark Naylor
Curriculum: Varies
Senior High Students come together to study God’s word.

Evening Youth Group Experiences for Grades 6-12

Youth Ministry can be a life preserver for students entering Junior and Senior High. Weekly group meetings offer community, support, and mentorship to our students in grades 6-12. We believe that Youth Ministry can change a student’s life, and we encourage students to join us each week as we learn how to put our faith into action. God designed us to yearn for healthy communities, and that is what we provide for students: a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment where students can explore their faith without judgment.

Notice: Our doors lock to keep our students safe!
At 5:15 for ROOT, and 6:45 for FISH our doors automatically lock. This helps us to keep our students and leaders safe throughout the night. We encourage parents to drop students off on time, or to let Megan know in advance if they will be late so we can ensure the doors are open.

ROOT Youth Group: Grades 6-8
Sundays 5:00-6:30pm; Youth Room, Community Life Center (room 226)
10 minute hang out time, 35 minute game, 15 minute lesson, 20 minute small group time. Snacks are plentiful!

Middle School Parents should come INSIDE for Pick Up!
I know your students are awesomely responsible, but I ask that for their safety that you come inside to pick them up. Please express to your child that they are to wait inside for pick up until you arrive. There is lots of traffic in the lot with teenagers coming in, mourners in the cemetery, and people who use our lot to turn around. We want to keep everyone safe and you coming inside for pick up helps us to do that.

FISH Youth Group: Grades 9-12
Sundays 6:30pm-8:30pm; Youth Room, Community Life Center (room 226)
10 minute hang out time, 35 minute game, 15 minute announcements 20 minute lesson, 30 minute small group time. Snacks are plentiful!

Additional Resources:

Parent Cue Devotionals
Each week there are take-home parent devotionals that go along with the series we are studying at Youth Group? It gives you practical tips on how to take what students learn in Elevate, ROOT, and FISH and apply it in your home as a family. Copies can be picked up in the Youth Room.

YouVersion Bible App
Each series we study at ROOT and FISH has a Bible App Daily Devotional on the YouVersion Bible App that goes along with it? Consider doing this study together as a family! Plans change month to month so keep up with our emails to find out the current plan.

Cyber Safety is Important! Here are some Tips!
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Feel free to contact our Youth Director, Megan at:
E-mail: [email protected]
Office Phone: 412-364-3613 X204

Or drop by the Youth Ministry Office located in the
Community Life Center
1501 W. Ingomar Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15237