Ingomar Church is dedicated to serving others as Christ served us.  It’s evident in the wide range of risk-taking service and mission activities in which Ingomar Church is active.  In addition to giving of our time, Ingomar Church also pursues giving extravagantly financially.

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God loves a cheerful giver. Contributors to Ingomar Church give what we feel called by God to give.  Many at Ingomar Church are tithing (10% of income) and some give beyond tithing.  Many are working step-by-step towards tithing.  Folks at Ingomar Church often express that the more they give the more joy they feel.  As we take that leap of faith and give more and more extravagantly, God’s blessings increase even more.  Join us in giving extravagantly and experience the blessings that ensue.

Note that in addition to normal offering collection, Ingomar Church also offers Online Giving.  Through Online Giving, you can configure your giving once-and-done and have monies periodically withdrawn and donated.  Or you may also use Online Giving for one-off special donations to Ingomar Church.

Online Giving

Extravagant Generosity is one of 5 key areas we at Ingomar Church are intentionally developing in order to become more like Christ both individually as well as one church.  For more information, see Our Mission.