At Ingomar Church, we try to serve others as Christ came to serve us.  It’s so easy to see people struggling next door, in another town in the region, or read about people who need help on the other side of the world and tune it out.  As a body of Christ, we’re trying to follow the spirit and listen and see and respond.

2016 Mission Outreach Report

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To respond can be dangerous.  It can mean uncomfortable situations getting to know a stranger in need (and then finding out they’re not all that different than you).  It can mean hanging siding from the top of a 20ft ladder.  It can mean enduring a 9-hour bus ride from Nairobi to Butere Kenya where Rainbow Christian Ministries, a mission established by Ingomar Church members, is located.  Or it can mean helping another church member afflicted with cancer or struggling from the loss of a loved one.

Risk-Taking Mission & Service is one of 5 key areas we at Ingomar Church are intentionally developing in order to become more like Christ both individually as well as one church.  For more information, see Our Mission.