Rising Strong Series

Rising Strong Series

Skepticism … denial … hatred … quarrelingHow can we rise above such challenges in our lives?

The Bible is full of stories of redemption, change, and hope. Through four of those stories, we discover how faith in a Risen Jesus can transform our lives for the better here and now. No matter how big or how small we fall, God’s hand is outstretched, ready to raise us up.

April 7: Rising from Skepticism

(Thomas) | John 20:24-28
Message by Pastor Greg
The journey from unbelief to belief requires a grace-filled encounter with the Living Christ.

April 14: Rising from Denial

(Peter) | John 21:15-19
Message by Pastor Greg
The love and forgiveness of God is what enables us to rise above our mistakes and become more faithful disciples.

April 21: Rising from Hatred

(Saul/Paul) | Acts 9:1-22
Message by Pastor Cyndi
In a divided world, hatred can bubble up even in the hearts of those who seek to do good. The risen Christ moves us from a place of judgment to one of connection, so that we can work together for the sake of God’s kin(g)dom.

April 28: Rising from Quarreling

(The Church) | Acts 15:1-21
Message by Pastor Cyndi
As communities work through inevitable conflicts, prioritizing grace can lead us to become stronger and healthier in our relationships with God and one another.

Come each Sunday in April and find assurance that God is always there to raise you up.