Deep Waters

Deep Waters

Deep Waters: Two Disciples

Sunday February 7, 2021 Contemporary Worship Pastor Greg Cox Next Steps: Read Luke 5:1-11 Consider where you are being called deeper, take that step Find a way to reflect your faith and make a difference

Deep Waters: Moses

Sunday January 31, 2021 Traditional Worship Pastor Dennis Henley Next Steps: Ask: What is causing you to “thirst” today? Reflect: What things have you tried to quench that thirst? Read and follow Romans 10:9

Deep Waters Message Series

There comes a time in life when surface or shallow things don’t satisfy us anymore. We sense there is more to us, to our lives, and to our faith. Join us to hear Jesus’ invitation to leave the familiar shores and put out into deep water. In this six-week series, we hear stories of biblical characters whose lives and understanding of God is suddenly challenged and whose lives are changed through water-born invitations. We examine how these life-changing stories can…